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Networking with AXWare for Windows

A Network enabled version of AXWare For Windows (PRO) provides the capability to Network up to 5 computers together to manipulate and share event data. The following modes are provided.

  • Timing Control Server: This is the computer with the timing hardware connected to it and is considered to be Timing Control. It contains and controls the registration and timing data, and all timing activity for an event. The two clients connect to this computer and share its data. This is the only computer that can save the data for any event. The Clients have a read-only view of the data.
  • Registration Client:  Provides remote registration capabilities to the Timing Control Server. All registration updates are exchanged between the Timing Control Server and this client. Timing control and features within the Staging Grid are disabled (for example: the timer or display cannot be activated - these are strictly Timing Control Server functions).
  • Announcer Client and Account Client II:  Provides a remote Announcer Display Client that displays a 'read-only' copy of all the data, including real-time standings, staging grid data, and all status logging information.  The Announcer client retains all the functionality of the base product minus any function that can modify the data and control any timing functions.  As such, you can view, display, print or sort the data without any affect on the data at the Timing Control Server.  Both the Registration and Staging Grid are kept up-to-date providing real-time information.  Essentially, all activity that is carried out at the Timing Control Server with respect to the event data is displayed on this Client.

  • Admin Client: This client provides administration capabilities over the entire event, and all data pertaining to it.  It can modify event settings, registration data, staging, most anything. Most significant use is as an Audit Client, that can be used to edit registration entries as well as staging data, penalties etc.

To activate the Networking support, the same event is loaded on all the machines and the appropriate Network mode activated.  Since the same data is loaded from a Data Directory, the configuration settings, Class Definition file (which includes heats) and all other associated resources are automatically shared between all the Networked machines.

Special commands are exchanged between the networked computers to synchronized the information, as appropriate. This includes Class Definitions and heat assignments.

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