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Speed Trap Demos

The following demo is provided as a sample of the AXWareSpeed software.

Demo Instructions

The demo will remain active for a 14 day demo period, from the day you first start the application.

  1. Click Here to Download AXWareSpeed.

  2. Unzip the contents into a temporary directory (ex: C:\axwarefiles).
  3. Run the Setup.exe found in the root of the image (in this case from C:\axwarefiles), and follow the instructions on the install screens.
  4. Start the program by selecting the program from the Windows Start Menu tab (AXWare Systems\AXWare Speed) or double clicking on the AXWare Speed Desktop icon.
  5. The download also contains sample data in a file named To install the sample data simply unzip the contents into the "C:\Program Files\Axware Systems\AXWare Speed\". It will load automatically when you start the application.
  6. For Help, press F1 from anywhere in the application to access the Context Sensitive Help.
  7. Please refer to the Help Documentation for additional information.
  8. If you have any questions, please contact AXWare Systems.

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