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AXWareSpeed Features

General Features:

Features  (not inclusive...)

Automatic Timer Control.  Data is accepted from RaceAmerica Speed Timing equipment and automatically matched up with a staged vehicle.
When Timing data is received, standings are updated real-time.
Supports manual data entry mode.
Supports up to 3 Speed Sectors.
Integration with AXWare STORM for allowing online club and event registration support. Importing and exporting of registrations, event results, membership, and other data points is integrated within the software and AXWare STORM .
For Land Speed Record support versions - provides automatic record management (see below)
Supports Speed Range management and flags entries that exceed their assigned range.
Import features for improving registration speed an accuracy.
Class Definitions allow customization including setup for Land Speed Record support as well as stand alone Speed Events.
Vehicle Numbers may be Unique across all vehicles or within each class.
Allows vehicle numbers in any class to range from 1-9999
Extended vehicle Numbers support to include vehicle numbers with 'A', 'B',..., 'Z' designations for dual driver/multiple driver entries.
Generates WEB/HTML, text file and printed versions of all reports.
Reports - Provides optional name scrambling for protecting entries for published reports.
Print Templates - flexible management to allow customized reports with the data columns you want to see. 
WEB/HTML reports support style sheets, and inclusion of Headers and Footers to provide additional customization of reports.
Provides the following report formats: 
  • Final Trophy report (only trophy positions are included in this report)

  • registration lists - various orders

  • registration labels

  • membership reports - active members, non-active members

  • audit reports/time logs (any set of runs)

  • points

  • barcode labels (optionally)

Number of runs per entrant is not limited but is logically set to a limit of 20.
Auto configured for RaceAmerica Digital Displays.
Print Time-slips automatically, using devoted Receipt or label printers.
Can be configured for using 2 displays (based on selected options).

Extendable Modules (PRO version ONLY)

Land Speed Record Option
  • for Land Speed Record versions, the software will automatically manage class records in real-time as the event continues. The records are based on  master class definitions that include existing records. 
  • When integrated with AXWare STORM, class records can be uploaded following the event to provide up-to-date records.
Membership Module
  • controls large sets of members
  • has 2 main view modes, full record mode or a Member View, that provides control over drivers, their garaged vehicles and their points.
  • provides classing reservations
  • points systems and various types of points configurations (fixed as well as percentage based).
  • various import capabilities.
  • acts as a master list for your club/organization for provided data to be imported into events.
  • AXWare STORM integration.
Network Module
  • Provides control of an event using several computers that exchange data real-time, providing both data sharing and long range capabilities.
  • Timing Control Server - central PC for timing and has the timing gear connected to it.
  • Registration Client II - used as an additional registration computer.
  • Announcer Client I - provides announcer style functionality for events. Allows access to event data without interfering with the Timing Control Server.
  • Audit Client - provides explicit client that is devoted to managing the Staging data for audit purposes.
Extended RF CommLink Networking
  • Requires and extends the Network Module
  • Extents functionality for Networking at extreme distances for Staging, Time Slip and Registration CommLink Clients. Uses RS232 communications to exchange data between the T&S computer and these clients that are at significant distances to Timing control. 
    • Registration Client I (CommLink) - provides registration from long range installations. In addition, the Registration Client I also supports a sub-network that allows other networking clients to connect it over a LAN connection to provide additional remote capabilities.
    • Staging Client (CommLink) - provides staging entries for long range installations. Sends staging information to the Timing Control Server.
    • Time Slip Client (CommLink Client) - The Timing Server sends data to the Time Slip Client for extended range capabilities.
  • Requires RF Modems and possibly the need for Yagi antennas depending on the distances between the CommLink Clients and Timing Control.
Bar Code Module
  • providing control for Registration, Staging and various printing functionality. Sheet fed, and dedicated label printers are both supported.
  • Staging Mode, scanned labels will automatically stage an entrant. The Timing person is free to handle penalties and other timing duties.

  • Registration Mode, entries that are scanned and found in the Registration list are automatically Registered for the event.

  • Membership List, the scanning provides a quick search capability.

  • Printing capabilities for devoted Bar Code printers as well as normal sheet feed styles is supported. Labels are generated to support a 1x2"-3" label. This provides generic support for continuous feed printers (devoted label printers), as well as sheet fed Inkjets and DeskJet's.

  • see Bar Code hardware for more information

Club Subscriptions to AXWare STORM

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